located at the foot of the Alps, offers a wide range of locations to visit and activities to pursue. The event location right in the center of the city invites to a stroll through the historical old town between workshops and dancing. Or, if you arrive a little early, take a short trip to the beautiful destinations like Schloß Neuschwanstein or one of the mountain lakes.

Most importantly, the address of the venue:

DT - Die Tanzschule am Deutschen Theater
Adolf-Kolping-Straße 10
D-80336 München


Die Tanzschule am Deutschen Theater, also known as Dance Terminal One in Munich, has become one of the most-known venues for West Coast Swing events in Munich. The first WCS Exchange in Germany was invited to have its social dancing here in August 2013 - and we've danced until the dawn! Workshop weekends and one of the regular WCS parties in Munich have there home here.

Containing two halls and four studios, each of them with a wooden dancefloor, three of them with a mirror wall, it's a great place to hold multiple workshops at the same time. Several sofas will provide a perfect place to relax after hours of dancing, while two well stocked bars provide you with whatever drinking wish you have (except maybe Mad-Dog. But we'll try to brief our staff in time for the event).


There are many ways to get to Munich. We have collected some information that will help you organizing your visit. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us (via email or on facebook).

Most importantly, the address of the venue:

DT - Die Tanzschule am Deutschen Theater
Adolf-Kolping-Straße 10
D-80336 München

Travel Infos  

Où dormir?

There are a ton of hotels and hostels around the corner of the venue (closer than some of the rooms in the big hotels, for sure). Sadly, hotels don't provide special rates or block some rooms for events in Munich. So make sure to book early.

Hotels & Hostels  

Alimentation & Co.

Puisque le Municorn Swing se déroule en centre-ville, vous pouvez choisir parmi nombreuses offres culinaires. Soyez rassurés — ces choix ne sont absolument pas limités à la cuisine bavaroise !

Attention : La plupart des commerces non gastronomiques en Allemagne sont fermés le dimanche. Vous trouverez toutefois quelques exceptions dans la gare centrale en cas d’urgence.

Shops & Restaurants  


Munich beyond dancing

Arriving before the event, or staying after? Good choice, Munich offers a lot of nice sights and possibilities to spend time. We have a list of locations for you to start with, but there is much much more to discover.

Tips for Sightseeing  

Partners & Sponsors

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